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Six Geese a Sprayin'
Six Geese a Sprayin'

Six Geese a Sprayin'
'Frightmare Before Christmas'

Position: Artistic Director, Designer

'Frightmare Before Christmas' a haunted attraction created by Penn State School of Theatre based on the traditional Christmas carol, 'The Twelve days of Christmas', this haunted walking tour took patrons through the 13 terrifying nights before the twelve days of Christmas

This room is a twist on 'Six Geese a Layin', it is instead 'Six Geese a Sprayin'

Guests enter a bloodbath as figures dressed as foxes on stilts mutilate Christmas geese, one fox chops the head off of a goose and a water cannon sprays guests, the other rips apart a goose and blood spatters, goose bodies are strewn across blood soaked floor, and a still live goose wriggles on a hook and chain, feathers are strewn about the room soaked in blood.